Unshackle your Newsletter

Incremental connects your favourite writing app to your email delivery platform so you can have the best of both worlds.

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Take Ownership of Your Content

ESPs are good for delivering emails, not for writing or managing them.

Write your emails in Notion

Sync your content from Notion and others to your email service provider seamlessly. No more copy-pasting, dealing with formatting errors or filling web forms.

Consolidate everything

All your content across apps in one place. Archive past newsletters even when you change ESPs. Own your content, export and download as often as you need.

Switch platforms with ease

Separate your newsletter content from its delivery. Connect and switch email service platforms in seconds. No need to migrate all your content and templates.

Integrate without pain

Connect with the writing tools or delivery platforms you already use, no code required. Or build your own integration with our easy-to-use REST API.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Which apps and platforms does incremental support?
Currently Notion and Mailchimp. Soon Markdown, Mailerlite and more! Have a request? Let us know.
How do I connect my apps and accounts?
Simple. Just create an account, then connect your Notion and Mailchimp accounts using our oAuth integration.
How much does Incremental cost?
Incremental is free to use during development. We will have early-bird pricing for our first set of users.

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